Smart Event Planning

Salonniere, AKA Sally, is an intelligent event planner. She helps you organize your event, invite your guests, and run your event. Focus on the fun stuff - we'll take care of the rest.

Meet Salonniere

Plan, Invite, Party!

From choosing a venue to bringing everyone on board, Sally is here to make planning any event extremely easy. Focus on the fun!

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Salonniere helps you plan kick-ass events.


Venue Selection

Salonniere works with you to figure out how to get the perfect location for your event.

Guest Invitations

Salonniere sends beautiful, elegant inivitations to your guests. After you finish planning with Salonniere, she handles the rest - any questions, payments, or suggestions,.

Organic Interactions

Salonniere uses to converse with you and guests in a natural, organic manner.


Centralized Chat

Salonniere is your go-to for any announcements or questions you have for your guests, either before , during, or after your event.